Saturday, May 22, 2010

finale predictions

We don't have much time before the finale of LOST! Aaah! I think it's a bittersweet thing. I'll miss watching this show, but I'll also be relieved to finally have answers.

J's predictions for the finale
  • Ben will save the day
  • Jack will not have to stay on the island
  • Sawyer and Juliet will meet each other (or possibly be together). Maybe they'll meet at the concert?
  • We will see most (if not all) of the main characters throughout the show, particularly the ones we haven't seen yet this season (i.e. Walt, Mr. Eko, etc.)
  • There will be a flash-forward showing people in the future
  • Jack and Kate won't get together, but it will be implied that they will get together in the future

My predictions for the finale
  • Desmond will save the day
  • Ben will end up staying on the island instead of Jack because a) Ben wants to stay on the island and b) no one cares about Ben finding a happily-ever-after life in civilization
  • Jack and Kate will get back together (largely because too many people would be disappointed if this season ended without a Shephard/Austin kiss)
  • The Smoke Monster/Locke will be killed, and all of the people who were ever killed by the Smoke Monster will then come back to life. (Okay, I don't really think that that last bit will happen, but I do think that the Smoke Monster will be killed.)
  • We will see Sun and Jin again.
Hurry! Write your prediction in the comment section before the finale tomorrow! It will be fun to compare the predictions after all is revealed...


  1. -Desmond (or Jack) plays biggest part in killing of Monster, but Ben 'saves the day'. -Ben stays on island. -Jack & Kate will not be together. -More characters to return. -Flash sideways becomes the real deal but 815ers all KNOW what they went through & form a cult to praise Jacob.

  2. I was definitely not fast enough. But I did think that:

    1- they would all be dead (actually, I feared this one)
    2- Desmond would be the answer to everyone's problems
    3- Jack couldn't actually be the new "Jacob"

    And being as I've already finished the finale, I can't quite recall what else I predicted.